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People say that “to be a Kazakh means to be a Muslim”, and most of the individuals in this people group still profess folk Islam. Only 12% of the population are Christians and mostly Orthodox. 

Christianity is legal and is not persecuted by the government if it does not go beyond what is “permissible”.

Despite various difficulties, we continue to visit the people of Kazakhstan - provide assistance to families in need with food, clothing items  and medicines; but most importantly we continue sharing with them the best news of the ages about salvation.

We are quite active in ministry in the villages, where we have opened 3 new home groups this year. 

Our main goal is spreading the Good News, planting new churches and growing disciples of Christ.

Thanks to your support, we help families who live below the poverty line -the products we bring literally save their earthly lives while also bringing Spiritual Bread for their souls.