Our mission is to testify and share the Word of God, support and encourage the local churches, help those in need and bring the light of Jesus to the countries of Central Asia.


Ministry directions in Central Asia
Turkmenistan is a closed Muslim country with rampant corruption, poverty, state control of the Internet and communications, violation of basic rights and persecution of the faith. We operate charity kitchens  and grocery package ministries to support those in need, serve the disabled and helpless people with an end goal to bring much-needed hope and Good News to their lives. 
Currently, Kazakhstan, which was closed for ministry, has become more open for preaching the Gospel. Many people have a chance to hear the Word of God. Our mission is to stand with Kazakhstanian churches to help them move forward in their ministry. Through grocery care packages and social help ministry, we can provide monthly support to 10 large, poverty-stricken families, build relationships and share the saving hope of the Gospel in this country. 
Our primary purpose here is to serve local families as well as build relationships by showing hospitality while bringing them the Good News. To make it possible, we hold three-day-long evangelisms in different villages and towns across the country, preparing special dinners to invite people into a warm atmosphere. We unite them through communication which gives us an opportunity to share God’s Word with them. 

We can change the world together

Every person is important in God’s plan. Even a short engagement in support can tide the course of history and change the fate of people!