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We managed to get to one of the cities of Jordan, just a couple of kilometers from the Syrian border. Even the locals are afraid to go there because of the high level of violence and poverty. But the Holy Spirit gives us this ardent desire to serve and relieves us of our earthly fears.

Once there, we met a young Muslim woman. She was a refugee from Syria. She was married at the very young age of 13, while her husband was only 12 at the time. When we talked to her and told her: “Jesus loves you,” tears filled her eyes and she was shocked that someone could love her at all.

Her whole family had turned away from her, and she was left alone with 5 children they've had over the years. The girl works hard under the scorching sun on the farm from sunrise to sunset to provide for her childrenShe is currently giving her life to Jesus.

We pray that individual destinies changed by God will inspire others to find Christ, creating a ripple effect and bringing entire cities to God.