God called us to serve different groups of people in the Middle East, to bring them hope and show them His love. We believe in transformations and changes in the world, which begin in every individual’s heart! 


Ministry directions in Jordan, Middle East
This ministry has become a powerful instrument for reaching people in the Middle East. Through practical help and by building a sense of relationship with people, we can reach those who are in need. Every month we visit 70 of such families, bringing them bags of groceries, listening to their experiences and having a unique opportunity to share the message of hope with them. About 2000 families were reached through this ministry. 
There are thousands of Slavic people living in the Middle East. In addition to Sunday services in our Slavic Evangelical Church, we hold and develop various ministries such as:
- Bible study and prayer groups;
- Women’s fellowship groups;
- Widows ministry;
- Cultural evenings, concerts, events;
- Language classes for adults;
- Educational and art classes for children (which are attended by 100 children);
- Social help ministry;
- Legal assistance and support.
The main purpose of the Bible school is to equip students with tools to bring the Good News to others. Bible education is in high demand and needed in the Middle East for the church to live and the good news to be shared. Currently, 19 students are studying at our school.  
Awake Ministry School
Starting November 2021
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Seize to change someone’s life, tomorrow there may not be such a chance.  Together we can contribute to the transformation of nations!