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Praise God, we have launched our ministry school in the Middle East where we inspire and equip students for long term ministry.

On the first day of training, we analyzed practical ways to serve people and talked about remaining loyal to a calling. No matter what - without expecting a result, not being disappointed by failures but faithfully fulfilling God's commission.

Students from different countries of the world - Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA, Turkey, Kenya and Spain, received practical training at the Awake Ministry School for one month in order to learn how to change this world for the better.

After completion of the program in December 2021, we had a graduation ceremony. We are very glad that our small but very practical school was able to graduate new students! 8 people have made the decision to devote 5 years of their lives to long term ministry in the Middle East. In the near future, some of them will travel to Turkey and Egypt to start new churches there and with God’s help and guidance, lead people to salvation.

Thank the Lord for the “shoes of the gospel” that He so diligently places on the feet of dedicated people who are ready to go to the ends of the Earth for Him!