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Throughout the year, with God's help, we preached the gospel to the people of Turkmenistan in every possible way: organizing street food for the poor, serving the needy with distribution of food packages, and serving children.

Through our “kitchen” with the help of 15 kg of pilaf, we managed to feed the hungry and bring the Word of Salvation to 150 people. We also prayed for the sick and several people were healed.

We served the youngest members of the Kingdom of Heaven, our children. We played with the children, fed them goodies and talked about Jesus.

We have noticed that during our ministry in Turkmenistan people have become more open to the Word of God. With God's help, over the past year we have been able to share the Good News with more than 750 people. We are happy that 50 of them have repented and 5 are already ready to receive water baptism, as well as to minister spiritually to 11 families every month through the distribution of food packages.

An interesting incident happened to one of the people we minister to - she had two thoroughbred and very expensive cows; and then one day they just disappeared.  The woman filed a complaint with the police, but there was no news of them for 2 months.  Then the woman decided to ask us to pray, because she believed that our God is almighty and can help her find the animals. 

A week later we were informed that the cows were found and returned to their owner.  For this woman, it was an answer to her prayer and proof of God's care and love for her!