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In 2021 - 2022 with God's help, we launched 3 schools. 

Awake Ministry School
Based in Jordan

Praise God, we opened our Middle East ministerial school, where we inspired and prepared students for long-term missions.Students from different countries of the world - Ukraine, Kazakhstan, USA, Turkey, Kenya and Spain - practiced at the "Awake Ministry" school for one month to learn how to change this world for the better. After the completion of the program in December 2021, we had a graduation ceremony. We are very happy that our small but very practical school was able to graduate 11 students! 5 people decided to dedicate 5 years of their lives to long-term ministry in Turkey, Jordan and Egypt. We thank the Lord for the “shoes of the Gospel” that He so carefully puts on the feet of consecrated people who are ready to go to the ends of the earth for Him!

Julia, Student:
For me it was a blessed time. For a whole month we were immersed in Scripture. There were many practical topics for the daily life of a Christian. I heard a lot for the first time from a new angle. Definitely, this school touched my heart, and now I am actively trying to apply what we have been taught in ministry.

Bible School Online
For the "Arab world"

For anyone who wants to dive deeper into Bible study, we have launched a free online school. The school is held in English and Arabic. By participating in the lessons, students will learn about: Christian foundations, evangelism, church growth and development, and more. The course runs throughout the year, starting in March 2022. At the end of the training, each student will receive a certificate, and most importantly - a lot of useful knowledge and revelations.

Student Simo about the school:
I really enjoy listening to and reflecting on the lessons we are being taught. I have learned a lot of new things. Especially that the study of the Bible is exciting and not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

Missionary Online School

Taking care of the spiritual nourishment of active missionaries in the countries of the Middle East, we have started an online Bible study and homiletics project. Every week, Christian teacher Gennady Shabanov devotes his precious time to lecture on a variety of topics: the Bible, Prayers, Dreams, Fasting and many others.

Student Ksenia about the school:
These lessons influenced my spiritual life. I opened my heart to God, removing prejudices and God began to speak to me in a special way. In the last month, there have even been personal revelations through dreams, although before that, I could only dream about it.