At 5 am on February 24, Ukrainians woke up from the sounds of exploding shells in several regions at once, including in the heart of the country - its capital!

Russia brazenly and unreasonably violated state borders in the east, north and south. Russia continues to attack and kill not only the military, but also ordinary civilians and children, deliberately throwing deadly missiles directly at people's homes!

It seems unimaginable, how could such inhumanity happen under our peaceful sky today?!

It is terrible to see this terrible tragedy that the Russian Federation has created for Ukraine today! Thousands of emaciated refugees have been freezing in the bitter cold near the Polish/Ukrainian border for several days. Huge crowds of people: women with children, old people. They have nowhere to sit, nowhere to keep warm, nowhere to buy food. Everywhere you can hear the soul-rending cry of hungry, tired children who simply have nothing to eat, there are only empty fields around them. Cars stand in lines in several rows with a length of more than 20 km, and many women, having no transport, simply walk tens of kilometers, tightly hugging their most precious treasure - their babies.

Seeing all of this, it is impossible to stay away from helping the afflicted. We are planning to set up a reserve of food and medicine for further distribution among refugees. People will be able to obtain necessities and most importantly, experience at least a little spiritual warmth and God's love.

Don't close your eyes to this cruel horror!

  • You can give your support to Ukraine financially! Using the donations, we will be able to help exhausted refugees: women, children and the elderly, who in the cold, without food, at night, are forced to walk tens of kilometers on foot to the border in the hope of crossing and being saved.
  • Pray! - “the hand of the Lord is not shortened to save” (Isaiah 59:1) God, save! 

    Together with the Lord, we are strong!