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Our evangelism has finally reached Egypt! 

Egypt is a unique place that has had a profound impact on the world, the development of civilization and culture.  Moreover, this is the country in which we meet the pages of the Bible in the context of the history of the Israeli people. Today, the majority of Egyptians are Muslims (90%), and only 1% are Protestant Christians. 

Our God is wonderful - He uses us ordinary people to spread His Word!  We rejoice in these wonders of our God!  Starting up this ministry in a new location for us, two brave female missionaries of Transforming Nations, are going to serve in Egypt. 

Before starting our ministry in Egypt, colossal preparations were made: all kinds of information about the Slavic population in Egypt were studied, contacts of existing churches were found, a page on social networks was opened as a platform for searching for people and advertising, partnership agreements were established with locals and several  organizational trips to Cairo were made. 

The plans are to start the Slavic Church through evangelistic meetings with women and further to spread His light to all. 

Our dream is to continue to bring the Word of Salvation to Muslim countries, to support those in need and help people to know the Living God!