Middle East

God called us to serve different groups of people in the Middle East, to bring them hope and show love. We believe in transformations and changes in the world. All of them begin from each heart, which we can help! 

Our Main Fields of Work

  • Help to Syrian refugees
    The war left a painful impact on those people’s lives. We help these families with grocery bags, which is needed and important help for them.
  • Slavic meetings
    Thousands of Slavic people live in the Middle East. We invite those who want to Bible and prayer meetings. Also, to create an atmosphere of communication and support we hold Slavic evenings, workshops, and events. As well as providing legal assistance and social help.
  • Bible School
    Bible education is one of the instruments used to encourage and equip Christians in this region. Now 19 students are studying at our Bible school.


  • Slavic Center
    Renting a building for our ministry helps us to serve more people, get together for worship and Bible study, provide educational classes and give them social and legal assistance.
  • Educational classes for refugees
    Only 1 out of 100 of refugees women can read. We are preparing to launch a few educational classes, such as Arabic for Syrian refugees.
  • Arab Bible School
    Together with one of the Bible schools, we developed a special 3-month training program for the growth of ministers in churches.