Wilson Mbayi

$15.00 / 1 month

Our goal is to rehabilitate kids from the consequences of street life, give them hope for a better life and future, as well as, share with them the love of the Almighty God — who can restore their lives and hearts!

Wilson is 12 years old. When he was only one, he was burnt by hot water, which caused him to be disabled in his left hand. He was never able to go to school. Instead of a normal childhood, he had to work at home and collect firewood in the forest. Wilson never met his father and was physically abused by his mother, who often beat him while intoxicated. After one such incident, the boy decided to run away from home.

Recently, Wilson lost the last of his family and became an orphan. But he is not alone. Since joining our center, he is surrounded by love and care! We believe that even after going through so much pain and struggles in his young life, there is still hope and a bright future ahead of him!

Your monthly contribution helps Wilson attend school and sets him on a path to a better life.

Be sure — giving a chance for education, growth and a brighter future to this little soul is a great achievement!

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