Steven Musoka

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Steven’s parents divorced when he was very small. He doesn’t remember his mother, who left him at his father’s home. Steven’s father was in bad relationship with their relatives, so he took the boy and moved to another city, where he raised him alone, for many years.

They came back to Kakamega 4 years ago, when his father became very sick. After 3 days in the hospital, Steven’s father died. Steven was then taken to live with his uncle’s family. Despite his uncle’s job as a motorbike taxi driver, he did not earn enough to provide for the boy or to send him to school.

Steven’s uncle and father were both born out of wedlock and both had different fathers. Life for them was not easy, they also had to drop out of school in the 7th grade. Steven’s uncle is more than happy to have his nephew living in a good environment, where he is able to go to school and now has a chance for a better future.

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