Shantel Kanini

Shantel is new to our orphanage. She is a 5-year old orphan. Her mother had to leave Kakamega in search of a job in Nairobi, but got infected with a stomach disease. When her mother returned home, after a series of hospitalizations, she died. Shantel’s uncle, who was visiting from Nairobi, was poisoned by one of the villagers and died a few days before her mother was buried.

Shantel’s family has gone through a lot of loss and pain. When we came to take her to our orphanage,  Shantel’s grandmother said that God has answered her prayers – for someone to help raise her grandchildren, because she is all alone with no one to help.

Now, Shantel is part of our big family, surrounded with lots love and care. We wish to see her smile and we hope for amazing changes to happen and transform this little girl’s destiny.