Isaiah Junior

$15.00 / 1 month

Having family support is very important, especially for small children who need to be mentored and shown the right path in life.

Isaiah is 12 years old. He was raised by a single mother and as a small child learned about life in poverty, often having very little or no food. Influenced by bad company, he dropped out of school in the 3rd grade and ran away from home.

When Isaiah joined our rehabilitation center, he was very sick. He is now on his way to recovery and making his first steps towards living a better life. However, he is still in great need of our support. Even a small contribution can have a great effect on Isaiah’s future.

Your monthly contribution helps Isaiah attend school and sets him on a path to a better life.

Be sure — giving a chance for education, growth and a brighter future to this little soul is a great achievement!

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