Isaak Omolo

$15.00 / 1 month

With God’s help, even an unhappy story can turn into a beautiful one. For His wonderful purposes, He often uses simple people like us and you!

Isaak Omolo is 15 years old. His father has mental health issues, is unable to speak properly and is half deaf. After Isaak’s parents divorced, he was physically abused by his stepmother, causing him to run away from home. With help and support from a good man, he tried to return home, but issues at home persisted, causing him to leave again. When we met Isaak, after 3 months of street life he was very desperate for help. Now at our center, Isaac is undergoing rehabilitation and hopes to, soon, be able to go back to school.

Your monthly contribution helps Isaak attend school and sets him on a path to a better life.

Be sure — giving a chance for education, growth and a brighter future to this little soul is a great achievement!

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