Bravias Indula

$15.00 / 1 month

Bravias Indula is 12 years old. He had both parents and two siblings. However, his parents divorced and the boy went to live with his father and a new stepmother. He was attending school, but because of the conflict with his stepmother, Bravias decided to run away and started living on the streets of Kakamega.

We met Bravias during a street kids outreach. Despite all consequences of the street life, we noticed his love for learning and the great potential hidden within this child. At this time it is very important to offer Bravias a helping hand, guide him in the right direction, and tell this young soul about God, who cares for him!

Your monthly contribution helps Bravias attend school and sets him on a path to a better life.

Be sure — giving a chance for education, growth and a brighter future to this little soul is a great achievement!

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