Central Asia

God widened our horizons and let us move forward to reach people in distant places of the world! Our mission is to testify and share the Word of God, support and encourage the local churches, help those in need and bring the light of Jesus to the countries of Central Asia!


This is a closed country with total corruption, poverty, state control of the Internet, violation of rights, and persecution for the faith. Thus, churches and believers here almost have no rights with the risk of imprisonment for preaching the Gospel. We are eager to support and encourage the churches and ministers of Turkmenistan in one way or another to continue and develop their essential ministries, as well as by organization of the charity kitchen, practically help people in their difficulties and share the Good News with them. Another goal is to establish a shelter house that would accommodate those who are persecuted for their faith.



Currently, Kazakhstan, which was closed for ministry, has become more open for missionary work and preaching of the Gospel. Lots of people got a unique chance to hear the Gospel. Our mission is to stand with Kazakhstan churches to help them move forward in their ministry and start a missionary school to encourage and equip new ministers. Also, we will help families who live in need with social help, bring the Word of God to near and far parts of thе country to plant new churches. 


Uzbekistan is a strict Muslim country, which makes hearing the Gospel almost inaccessible. Our primary purpose is to serve local people and build relationships by sharing God’s love and showing hospitality while bringing them God’s Word. We will also be supporting local Christians in their difficulties and limitations and encouraging them to influence society in any possible way.

We believe that by working together, developing and scaling all these directions, many more people in Central Asia will get a unique opportunity to know about the living God, find new hope and gain salvation!