Africa - Kenya

Bring hope to the hopeless

Even the darkest night could become a beautiful day. Sorrow or despair could turn into a new life full of love, hope, and acceptance. We want to help, serve and bring the light of the Gospel into the lives of children and adults, which is able to heal hearts, renew minds and transform destinies and nations.

We are eagerly looking forward to transformations in Kenya and all African countries.


Currently, there are 42 children in our orphanage who found shelter, love, care and everyday food, which most of them have never seen before. Also, through the atmosphere of support and Bible lessons, the children know how to build their lives with God. Our goals are to develop their talents and give them a chance to receive an education and have a better future.

Rehabilitation Center For Street Kids

We started this ministry as outreach Bible meetings with homeless boys in Kakamega town. Understanding that they need real help, in March 2019 we have opened our center and currently, 14 boys have undergone rehabilitation there. Boys had consultations, Bible lessons, educational classes, learned practical skills, and showing significant changes in their tempers. Our desire is to save even more street children!

Widow Ministry

Widowed women suffer unworthy, contemptuous attitudes from local society and live in desperate poverty. Moreover, they have no place to ask for help. Our goal is to share the Word of God with them, which can change lives and heal hearts. Besides, we strive to teach them some useful skills, such as sewing and farming so these women can always have a job and their own stable income to be able to feed their families.

Missionary School

In November 2019 we had our 5th graduation of students from our missionary school in Kenya. All of them are people who want to serve and bring the Word of God to others. In three years, 183 students graduated — leaders and pastors, who currently work in different parts of their country.

Planting New Churches Ministry

Despite the fact that Kenya is considered a Christian country, lots of people’s faith remains nominal. Also, Islam is swiftly spreading here. That’s why Kenya needs active missionary work. We send our ministers to the Muslim and pagan regions. As a result of the ministry, 114 of our graduates are now church pastors and leaders.


Seeing the success, blessings in the ministry and amazing transformations in the lives of children, we understand that God gives us the potential to influence more. Here are the projects in which we want to develop and invite you to join in with us.

  • Rehabilitation center construction
    Our dream is to help up to 200 homeless children in the next 5 years. To make it possible, we decided to build our own full-fledged rehabilitation center in Kakamega. Here, more street kids will be able to find food, shelter and, most importantly, will hear the Gospel. It will be a safe place for the release, rehabilitation, support and transformation of street children.
  • Rescue center for girls
    A great number of girls under 18 have become victims of sexual abuse in Kenya. Creating the rescue center is an initiative to give affected girls shelter, protection, and counseling. We want to rehabilitate, take care of them and give them a chance for a renewed life with hope for the future.

Children are the future of Kenya, which we don’t want to lose.  By working together we are capable of doing more!